“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” (P. Drucker)

Evolucare Analytics is a data management solution designed to help you steer your activity

Data management is a strong opportunity to support strategic and operational decisions in healthcare facilities. It enables time and cost management efficiency gain as well as processes optimization to increase care quality.

Evolucare Analytics offers a set of quantitative and qualitative indicators covering all HIS specialities. This user-friendly tool offers a single web portal gathering all healthcare, administrative and financial data.

Evolucare Analytics, offers a better view of reality to support a better decision making process.

A structured information accessible to all

  • Production of ready-to-use reports

  • Creation of home made indicators thanks to our query engine

  • Conception of individual dashboards

Vertical data for healthcare facilities

  • Collaborative development with healthcare facilities
  • Regulatory concerns taken into account
  • Multi-facilities data management