Eye care

When AI serves eye care

Reach more patients where they are

Improve screening efficiency

Evolucare Imaging OphtAI (EIO): fast, accurate screening of eye pathologies 

EIO is a workflow management solution including an Artificial Intelligence algorithm which facilites screening of eye pathologies:

  • Accessible to any point of care
  • Unmatched performance: get a response in less than 3 seconds (see performance for Diabetic Retinopathy)
  • Comprehensive solution: patient management from admission to invoicing, support to diagnostic, data analytics

Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

The solution is composed of complementary yet independent modules.

Intelligence Artificielle

A powerful deep learning CNN algorithm


A dedicated viewing workstation


A fully integrated workflow solution which includes a patient management system and an image management solution


Dedicated optional analytic plateform, which can be used for statistics, KPI at a macro (i.e. regional or national) or/and micro (i.e single structure or service) level

Adapted to all care centers

Any type of eye care establishment can access EIO autonomously: public hospitals, private clinics, reading centers, small practices, permanent or temporary screening organizations and use EIO as a support for diagnosis.

EIO may be independent of hosting IT infrastructure or integrate into it seamlessly, as it can be hosted in a health cloud completely or partially, depending on the local IT equipment.

Adapted to massive screening campaigns

Any site can send, through secure communication channels, their retina images for analysis and benefit from the powerful engine of EIO in less than 3 seconds.

Moreover, scattered organizations can centralize their data and provide consistent analyses throughout their network of point of care. If connected to an EHR or EMR, they will be able to build a structured and coherent history for the patient.

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